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Together with Remco Boere, former Dutch professional football player at Excelsior, ADO Den Haag, Vitesse, AA Gent, Iraklis Saloniki, Gil Vincente ( 11clubs total ) and coach in 8 different countries , we would like to make complete training sessions with clear objectives for an international audience. The training sessions will be done in English but will be translated for the Dutch market as well. Sessions are designed specifically for 12 years and older but can be adapted for younger ages. Approximately more than 100 pages with sessions for 5 euros per year Is this something you would be willing to pay for and get acces to? When all exercises are uploaded you can combine up to full training sessions.

 Interview with Remco Boere during his period in India. Click here

Another interview with Remco Boere during his periode in India. Click here


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Met REMCO BOERE, ex prof bij ADO Den Haag, Vitesse, Iraklis Saloniki en AA Gent en trainer bij diverse BVO's willen we complete trainingen maken met doelstellingen.Voor Internationale markt. De trainingen worden in het engels gegeven en voor de nederlandse markt vertaald. Incl.looplijnen en duidelijke coaching. Vooral voor trainingen binnen de midden en bovenbouw. Ruim 100 pagina's met trainingen  per jaar. We denken aan de totale kosten per jaar van 5,-- voor complete trainingen. Zou jij bereid zijn deze trainingen te willen ontvangen? Bij het uploaden kun je de oefeningen combineren tot een complete training. 

 Interview with Remco Boere during his period abroad. Click here

Another interview with Remco Boere during his periode abroad. Click here



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