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Together with Remco Boere, former Dutch professional football player at Excelsior, ADO Den Haag, Vitesse, AA Gent, Iraklis Saloniki, Gil Vincente ( 11clubs total ) and coach in 8 different countries , we would like to make complete training sessions with clear objectives for an international audience. The training sessions will be done in English. Sessions are designed specifically for 12 years and older but can be adapted for younger ages. Approximately more than 100 pages with sessions for 6,99 euros.  Is this something you would be willing to pay for and get acces to? When all exercises are uploaded you can combine up to full training sessions.

 Interview with Remco Boere during his period in India. Click here

Another interview with Remco Boere during his periode in India. Click here


TheDutch School

The Dutch School Training junior players can be pretty difficult. There is also quite a lot involved in putting together a useful and educational training. We think that, for coaches with good intentions and who want to lead a team but come home late and have not enough time to put together a training session, our training exercise material is a very helpful tool to produce 12 weeks (26 complete training sessions, 100 exercises)   in a row of quality training sessions. We don’t pretend to have reinvented the wheel but did decide to have specific items to come back every time in our sessions. Circuittraining combined with skills.

  • 1. dribble and run with the ball
  • 2. controll
  • 3. 1v1 and defend
  • 4. technical training( feints and fast footwork)
  • 5. game forms
  • 6. passing and receiving